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Đề thi chuyển cấp vào lớp 10-năm học 2012-2013-đề 4

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Đề thi chuyển cấp vào lớp 10-năm học 2012-2013-đề 4

Đề 4

I. Fill the correct form of the verbs in each sentence: (1 mark)

cook          to cook          cooked              cooking

1. This dinner is _____________ by my mother.

2. Lan can ____________ a dinner very quickly.

3. Many people participated in a rice -_____________ contest.

4. Nga told Nhi how ______________ a delicious dinner.

II. Multiple choice: Choose the correct answer for each sentence (3 marks)

1. I _____________ a book at eight o’clock last night.

a. read                         b. reads                            c. is reading                 d. was reading

2. A soccer match ______________ at our school next month.

a. is held                    b. was held                    c. will be held              d. has been held

3. Christmas ______________ were performed for people in towns and villages 800 years ago.

a. trees                       b. cards                          c. songs                         d. Santa Claus

4. Mr. Tan was sleeping when the phone ______________.

a. ring                           b. rang                             c. is ringing                   d. was ringing

5. Viet Nam is a/an ______________ country.

a. exporting rice        b. exporting-rice              c. rice-exporting           d. rice exporting

6. His mother _____________ about his bad habits.

a. always complains                               b. always complained

c. has always complained                       d. is always complaining

III. Change into the passive voice: (2 marks)

1. They decorated a Christmas tree in the early 1500s.


2. People make a fire in a rice-cooking contest.


IV. Change into Reported Speech: (2 marks)

1. Ba said “I will read this book “


2. Nhi asked Nga “Can you come here now?”


V. Read the text and decide True (T) or False (F) for the below sentences: (2 marks)

Tet is a national and traditional in Vietnam. It is an occasion  for every Vietnamese people to gather to think about their past activities and hope for good luck when the new year comes.

Before Tet all houses are cleaned and decorated. People buy lots of blossom peach and marigolds as well. Everybody is looking at a beautiful and happy life. On the New Year’s Eve, children are smartly dressed. They are hoping to receive money put in small red envelopes as they are wishing longevity to their grandparents and parents. Wrong doings should be absolutely avoided on these days.

_____ 1. Tet is a chance for Vietnamese people to meet each other.

_____ 2. Flowers are always bought at Tet.

_____ 3. The parents give money to their children because they play well.

_____ 4. We can do what we want at Tet.

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