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Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng anh-tỉnh Bắc Ninh

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Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng anh-tỉnh Bắc Ninh

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SỞ giáo dỤc – đào tẠo

KỲ thi  tuyỂn sinh vào lỚp 10 thpt

Môn: Tiếng Anh

Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút (Không kể giao đề)

(1-3) Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others (0.6 pt)
1. A. plain                   B. paint                       C. repair                      D. main
2. A. soon                    B. mood                      C.  blood                     D. moon
3. A. tea B. beat                         C. great                       D. sea
(4-22) Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence (3.8 pts)
4. The examination will be held ________ June, 2007.
A. in                            B. on                           C. at                            D. to
5. ___________ the first and second nights of Passover, Jewish families often enjoy the Seder.
A. In                            B. On              C. Over                       D. At
6. Wearing uniforms help poor students feel equal _________ others.
A. up                           B. on                           C. off              D. to
7. The boy was greatly proud _______ his success at school.
A. on               B. of                                        C. at                            D. in
8. Cong Vinh seems to be well-qualified _________ the latest position.
A. in                            B. by                           C. for               D. of
9. He read his article on the website last night, ________?
A. doesn’t he B. didn’t he                 C. did he                     D. hasn’t he
10. Are all the students used ___________ their summer vacation in the countryside?
A. to spend                 B. spend                      C. to spending             D. spending
11. Passover ________ in Israel and by all Jewish people.
A. is hold                    B. is celebrating          C. celebrates    D. is celebrated
12. When will Mr. Ba retire? He began ________ for the company thirty years ago.
A. to be worked          B.  working                 C. will work    D. to work
13. If Ba were rich, he ________ around the world.
A. should travel          B. traveled                  C. could travel            D. must travel
14. They are still playing on the field ___________ it is raining heavily.
A. though                    B. because                   C. but              D. despite
15. Study harder _________________.
A. if you will pass the exam               B. and you will pass the exam
C. unless you pass the exam               D. or you will pass the exam
16. The girl wishes she ____________ in Nha Trang for the festival next week.
A. will stay                  B. could stay   C. is staying                D. can stay
17. On the way to school, Long often stops _________ a newspaper.
A. to buy                     B. buy                                     C. buying                    D. bought
18. The cooker ________ is displayed at Nguyen Kim Supermarket looks modern.
A. why                        B. who                                    C. which                      D. whose
19. _ “Let’s go to Vung Tau on the weekend._ “_____________
A. That’s a fine day B. That’s a good trip      C. Yes, please             D. Yes, let’s
20. _ “Thank you very much_ “______________
A. Are you worried?   B. You’re welcome     C. Not all        D. Nothing
21. For most households, lighting ____________ for 10 percent to 15 percent of the electricity bill.
A. asks                                    B. applies                    C. accounts                 D. prepares
22. Ho Chi Minh City will ___________ temperatures between 25oC and 30oC tomorrow.
A. experience              B. arrive                      C. achieve                   D. occur
(23-30) Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage (1.6 pts)
Mr. Brown and some (23) __________________ conservationists are on a very dirty beach now. Today they are ready to make the beach a clean and beautiful place again. After listening to Mr. Browns instructions, they are divided (24) ____________ three groups. Group I needs to walk along the shore. Group 2 should check the sand, (25) _________ group 3 has to check among the rocks. Garbage must be put into plastic bags, and the bags will be (26) __________ by Mr. Jones. He will take the bags to the garbage (27) _________. Each member will be given a map to find the right place. They won’t eat the picnic lunch (28) __________ by Mrs. Smith until the whole area is clean. (29) _________ are eager to work hard so as to refresh this (30) ________ area.
23. A. voluntary                      B. volunteers   C. volunteering           D. volunteer
24. A. in                                  B. to                            C. into                         D. onto
25. A. or                                  B. and                         C. because                   D. though
26. A. selected                        B. chosen                    C. collected                 D. elected
27. A. dump                B. yard                        C. area                         D. place
28. A. happened                      B. provided                 C. achieved                 D. shown
29. A. Them all                       B. They all                   C. All them                 D. All they
30. A. spoiling                         B. spoil                        C. spoiled                    D. spoils
(31-34) Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting (0.8 pt)
31. You’re tired as you got up too late to watch TV last night.
A             B              C                     D
32. The Internet is a very fast and convenient way for us to get a lot of information.

A                               B                C                              D
33. People is such an inexpensive means of transport that people take them very often.

A                                        B                C                               D
34. She has been playing as a professional tennis player from 1990s.
A                   B                    C                               D
(35-38) Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence (0.8 pt)
35. The Internet has helped students study more ________________.

A.effecty                                 B.effective                              C.effectively               D.effect
36. It is __________ that our environment is more and more polluted.

A.disappoint               B.disappointed                        C.disappointive                       D.disappointing

37. We are trying to have a(n) ______________ world.

A.unpolluted               B.polluted                               C.pollution                              D.unpollution
38. I am thankful to my teacher who always gives me lots of _______________ to better my knowledge.

A. courage                               B.encouragement                    C.couraged                              D.couraging

(39-42) Read the dialogue and then decide whether the statements that follow are True or False (0.8 pt)
Mrs. Lan: What’s the matter, Mrs. Linh?
Mrs. Linh: I’ve just received my latest electricity bill. It’s so enormous.
Mrs. Lan: Let me see. It’s 350,000 VND. What an enormous bill it is!
Mrs. Linh: I paid 200,000 VND last month. I don’t know why it’s higher this month.
Mrs. Lan: Which counter is installed in your house?
Mrs. Linh: The usual mechanical counter was replaced with an electronic counter at the beginning of this month. It is said to run more exactly and be more convenient for the power officials to record monthly electricity numbers.
Mrs. Lan: I don’t know what happens. The usual mechanical counter is still used in my house. Why don’t you complain to the Power Department of Ho Chi Minh City about it?
Mrs. Linh: Thanks for your advice. I am writing a complaint letter right now.
39. The bill Mr. Linh received last month was lower than the latest one.

( A.True B. False)
40. Mrs. Linh has spent 550,000VND on electricity in the last two months.

( A.True B. False)
41. Mrs. Lan insisted that the electrical counter is wrong.

( A.True B. False)
42. Electricity numbers are recorded every month.

( A.True B. False)
(43-46) Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them (1.6 pts)
43. Ba said, Why don’t we stop eating chicken to avoid being infected with bird flu?
Ba suggested that chicken shouldn’t …………………..being infected with bird flu

A.. to avoid                                   B. to be avoided  C. be avoided              D.  avoid
44. The last time she went out with him  9 months ago.
She …………….out with him for 9 months ago.

A.. went                                        B. hasn’t gone                   C. has gone                 D.  haven’t gone
45. There was too much snow for us to go out.
There was …………snow ……..we can’t go out.

A.. so/that                                     B. such/that                       C. such a/that              D.  so much/that
46. Miss Huong Tram is the best student in this class.
Nobody learns …………

A.. so well as she         B. better than she                   C. the best as she        D.  as good as she

(47-50) Read the text carefully, then choose the most suitable answers.(0.8 pt)

It is estimated that about 200 million people who use the Internet computer network around the world. The Internet allows people to work at home instead of traveling to work. The Internet allows businesses to communicate with customers and workers in any part of the world  for the cost of  a local telephone call. E.mail allows users to send documents, pictures and other data from one part of the world to another in at least 5 minutes. People can use the Internet to do shopping. This save a lot of time. It is possible to use the Internet for education – students may connect with their teachers from home to send or receive e.mail or talk their problems through “on-line” rather than attend a class.

47. The Internet allows people ………………………………………….

A. to stay at home and rest    B. not to work  C. to travel to work    D. to work at home

48. To a business, the Internet is …………… communicate with customers.

A. a cheap way           B. a very expensive way  C. an inconvenient way     D. a difficult way

49. E.mail can be used to send ………………………………………….

A. documents  B. information             C. data                                    D. all are correct

50. To use the Internet for education is ………………………..

A. impossible  B. possible                               C. inconvenient                       D. difficult

B. ĐÁP ÁN 123
1. C                             2. C                             3. C                             4. A                             5. B
6. D                             7. B                             8. C                             9. B                            10. C
11. D                           12. B                           13. C                           14. A                           15. B

16. B                           17. C                           18. C                           19. D                           20. B

21. A                           22. C                           23. D                           24. C                           25. B

26. C                           27. A                           28. B                           29. B                           30. C

31. C                           32. D                           33. D                           34. D                           35. C

36. D                           37. B                           38. A                           39. A                           40. A

41. B                           42.A                            43.C                            44.B                            45.B

46.B                            47. D                           48. A                           49.D                            50.B

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