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Khóa ngày: 18 tháng 9 năm 2012

Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)

Section I: LISTENING (6/20pts)

Part 1: You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, listen to the tape carefully and choose the best answer (A, B or C). Write your answers in the space provided. You will hear the recording TWICE.

1. You hear a mother talking about her baby. What has the baby just learnt to do?
A. count.            B. walk.          C. talk.

2. You hear a man buying some flowers. What colour does he buy?
A. red.             B. yellow.             C. white.

3. You hear a girl talking to her friend on the phone. What has happened?
A. She didn’t remember to do her homework.
B. She left her homework at home.
C. She got bad marks for her homework.

4. You hear a man talking to a vet. What is the problem with his dog?
A. She has become very aggressive.
B. She keeps biting her paw.
C. She doesn’t walk properly.

5. You hear a woman talking to a plumber. Where is the problem in her house?
A. the veranda.             B. the kitchen.          C. the bathroom.

6. You hear a man talking about a train journey. When did he travel?
A. Tuesday.          B. Wednesday.            C. Thursday.

7. You hear a boy telling his mother about a football match. How many goals did his team score?
A. two.          B. three.         C. one.

8. You hear a woman talking about going shopping. What did she buy?
A. a pair of shoes.            B. a pair of jeans.            C. a pair of glasses.

Part 2: You will hear part of a conversation between a journalist and the director of a new community college. For questions 9-18, listen carefully and complete the sentences. Write your answers in the space provided. You will hear the recording TWICE.


9. Summer school classes start on ____________.

10. People expressed interest in the college after it was advertised ____________.

11. The ____________ will declare the college open.

12. At the opening ceremony, Harry Watson, the famous ____________ will make a speech.

13. Local ____________ will be teaching courses at the college.

14. The emphasis will be on ____________ subjects.

15. The college will be ____________ about accepting students.

16. Students may not have the ____________ required by traditional colleges.

17. It is hoped that an ____________ office in the city centre will generate interest in the college.

18. You can refer to the college ____________ if you would like more information.

Part 3: You will hear five different people talking about classical music. For questions 19-2 listen carefully and choose from the list (A-F) the reason each person gives for starting to classical music. Use the letters only once. There is one extra letter which you do not need Write your answers in the space provided. You will hear the recording TWICE.

A. the influence of someone famous
B. being introduced to a range of good music
C. finding other types of music unexciting
D. the encouragement of a teacher
E. hearing it in an everyday situation
F. realising the importance of starting young

19. SPEAKER 1: ____________                  20. SPEAKER 2: ____________
21. SPEAKER 3: ____________                  22. SPEAKER 4: ____________
23. SPEAKER 5: ____________

Part 4: You will hear two friends discussing holiday options. For questions 24-30, listen carefully and decide which option each statement refers to. You write: J (for Jamaica), B (for Bali) or H (for Hawaii) in the boxes provided. You will hear the recording TWICE.

24. This destination is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

25. Margaret’s friends recommend this destination.

26. One may encounter severe weather conditions at this destination.

27. Tom isn’t impressed by this destination.

28. This destination is the least disturbed by tourism.

29. This destination is approximately ten hours away by plane.

30. Margaret is seriously considering this destination.

Section II: VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR (5/20pts)

Part 1: Choose the best answer to complete each of the following questions from 31 to 50. Write your answers in the space provided.

31. My friend has ____________ for a bargain.
A. a sharp ear          B. a keen eye            C. a strong head            D. a keen ear

32. Ingrid broke ____________ in tears when we told her about the accident.
A. off            B. through            C. down              D. for

33. He’s got plenty of ____________ experience as he’s worked in that field already.
A. second-hand               B. first-hand             C. primary           D. tertiary

34. The feuding families have been ____________ enemies for years.
A. sworn             B. promised             C. cursed              D. blood

35. Here is an example of an ancient ____________ Chinese vase.
A. beautiful               B. tiny           C. patterned            D. exotic

36. Owing to the fog, his flight from Karachi was ____________.
A. belated              B. unscheduled             C. overdue             D. unpunctual

37. The Southeast Asian Games ____________ its origin to the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games.
A. has               B. returns              C. owes              D. dates back

38. He was given a medal in ____________ of his service to the country.
A. gratitude               B. knowledge             C. recognition             D. response

39. Stop fighting you two – shake hands and ____________ your peace with each other!
A. set               B. do            C. bring              D. make

40. All the way along the winding street ____________.
A. he came              B. came he             C. did he come             D. comes he

41. Don’t worry about making a noise. The children are wide ____________.
A. waking              B. awake             C. woken             D. awoke

42. She’s always been one of your ____________ critics.
A. fiercest             B. most violent              C. wildest              D. hardest

43. By appearing on the soap powder commercials, she became a ____________ name.
A. housewife              B. housekeeper              C. house               D. household

44. It’s hard to do ____________ to such a masterpiece.
A. judgement               B. justice              C. fair play               D. fairness

45. The military force numbered 14.000 at full ____________.
A. effort               B. power              C. energy           D. strength

46. I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong end of the ____________.
A. loaf                B. pot               C. leg             D. stick

47. I couldn’t hear what he said, because he was muttering ____________ his breath.
A. out of              B. under            C. in              D. on

48. The magistrate ____________ his disapproval of the young man’s behaviour.
A. said              B. told             C. voiced              D. spoke

49. Nobody would question the PM’s integrity. He is above ____________.
A. contempt              B. suspicion             C. average               D. all

50. It is vital that we ____________ a change in people’s attitudes.
A. bring down               B. bring back             C. bring about              D. look after

Part 2: For questions 51-60, complete the sentences with the correct prepositions. Write your answers in the space provided.

51. I understand you will be eligible ____________ promotion soon.

52. We regret the delay ____________ dispatching your order.

53. It’s a strange smell, isn’t it? It’s peculiar ____________ this type of plant.

54. Despite her age, she takes pleasure ____________ pitting her wits against all comers.

55. Without the certificate, you won’t be sufficiently qualified ____________ the job.

56. There’s no question ____________ your leaving us so soon.

57. She’s convinced ____________ the justice of her case.

58. The landlord was very generous to us. All that we consumed in his inn was __________ the house.

59. ____________ length, the bus arrived, forty minutes late.

60. There were no ripe apples ____________ reach, so I moved the ladder.

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